New Justice League Trailer Released


So the new trailer for Justice League dropped, and I have some thoughts.



– Was kinda hoping the guy in the parka was going to be Captain Cold.

– If they want to focus this much on the fighting, this movie better have some good action scenes

– Cyborg’s flight mode makes him look like a cybernetic Deadshot

– I guess we’re not done with covers of well-known songs showing up in trailers for DC movies.

-Aquaman riding the Batmobile would only be better if it was the Brave and the Bold version of him.

– I’m honestly the most intrigued by the Amazon army’s battle against, whatever that other army is (Parademons? Other Darkseid minions?)

– You will never convince me that JK Simmons isn’t playing J Jonah Jameson as an undercover reporter in the GCPD.




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