Fun Star Wars Questions You Didn’t Know Had Answers!

Star Wars is my favorite franchise in any medium, and with the new canon created by Disney throwing out most of what came before, we’ve been inundated with new movies, books, and comics about things we hadn’t considered. Stuff like…


What is Emperor Palpatine’s first name?

One of the little things you never thought about concerning Dark Lord Sidious was his name. Now, of course, we all know his name was Palpatine, but that was his last name. At no point in the Prequels, when characters should have used his first name, is it ever spoken. In the book Tarkin, however, his name is revealed to be Sheev. Huh, rather anticlimactic. Well, at least it’s better than the name George Lucas originally envisioned, Cos Dashit.


Why isn’t Wedge at the Battle of Scariff?

When both Red and Gold Leader showed up in Rogue One using archived footage, fans everywhere were taken aback by the surprise cameos. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the best pilot in the Rebellion, survivor of two Death Stars, Wedge Antilles. He was in the Rebellion at this time, so why wasn’t he helping Rogue One steal the Death Star plans? Well, if you go back to A New Hope, Wedge says the line “Look at the size of that thing” upon seeing the Death Star. According to Pablo Hidalgo, to save the integrity of that line, which implies that was the first time he saw it, Wedge could not, unfortunately show up at the Battle of Scariff.


Why has Kylo Ren’s scar moved?

Last Friday, we got the first Last Jedi trailer, and the internet quickly noticed that the scar Ben Solo is sporting is in a different spot then the one Rey gives him during their fight on Starkiller Base. Well how did this come about? Did he undergo facial reconstructive surgery, but then decide he still wanted a scar? Well, according to director Rian Johnson, he chose to move the scar because it “looked goofy” when it ran up his face alongside his nose. That’s a lame excuse, to me at least, because Tyrion Lannister has a similar scar and no-one seems to mind.


Is Jar Jar really a Sith Lord?

In the lead-up to The Force Awakens, a fan-theory took the Internet by storm, one that claimed that franchise disappointment Jar-Jar Binks was secretly a Sith Lord. This theory posited that he was secretly bringing about the fall of the Republic while maintaining a facade of idiocy. This, sadly, was just some fans trying to make Jar-Jar not seem so bad in the grand scale of the Prequels, but fear not, for his fate was recently revealed in Aftermath: Empire’s End. In the book, he is revealed to be a street clown on the streets of Naboo, where children love him but he is basically ignored by adults. A little on the nose, don’t you think?

Who Knows that Vader is Luke/Leia’s father?

As fans of the movies, we tend to forget that all the characters in that movie are not privy to the information we know. The biggest shocker of the original trilogy, that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, is not actually well known outside our main cast of characters. In Star Wars: Bloodline, which takes place a mere 6 years before The Force Awakens, Senator Leia’s parentage is exposed when a fellow senator discovers a secret message from Bail Organa that was meant to be given to Leia when she was old enough. The entire senate basically disowns her, at least freeing her up to start the Resistance, but its a big moment in Star Wars that’s given proper weight. What’s worse, though, is that she is now forced to tell her son, the future Kylo Ren, about his lineage before she had planned. This huge betrayal of his principles while he is still learning the Jedi way from his uncle, Luke, is no doubt a cause of his future destruction of the reformed Jedi Order.

Which new characters desperately need their own movie?

BeeTee and Triple Zero from the Darth Vader comic. One’s a torture droid and the other had a bigger armory than a Star Destroyer. There is nothing else that needs to be said.




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